Aundre Jeganathan


I walk because...

Hi All! I’m walking to support the SAAAC Autism Centre as they build a new facility to support families impacted with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With your donation, we can serve nearly 400 families annually. Join me and help transform the lives of many. Donate today!

My Supporters

  • 3303128 Canada Inc Norma Ibbetson$280.00

  • 3303128 Canada Inc. Norma Ibbetson$150.00

  • Ken Sinclair$100.00

  • Keerthana Gnanasegaram$100.00

  • Cecilia Jeganathan$100.00

  • Jude Fernando$100.00

  • Natalia Kassim-Fontenelle$100.00

  • Elizabeth Downing$100.00

  • Sharmishtha Sivapunniyam$100.00

  • Paul Jeganathan$100.00

  • Norma Ibbetson$100.00

  • Phani Guda$100.00

  • Balabaskara Gajendra$80.00

  • Kanna Sriskanthan$75.00

  • Tim Clarke$75.00

  • Charmaine Thayaparan$51.00

  • Mary Celsus$50.00

  • Kristine Jeganathan$50.00

  • Agnes Huang$50.00

  • Sherron Stevenson$50.00

  • Mary Garofalo$50.00

  • Grace Holla$50.00

  • Kathir Karunaharan$50.00

  • Hubert Miranda$50.00

  • anu kandasamy$50.00

  • Lanka Jeganathan$50.00

  • Melissa Sandrasagra$50.00

  • Ken Balakumaran$50.00

  • Khondkar Rabbani$50.00

  • Marie Emmanuel$50.00

  • Mayury Thevathas$50.00

  • Mary Jeganathan$50.00

  • Ambuja Rajaratnam$50.00

  • Arulchelvi Lingam$50.00

  • Priyanka Jeganathan$25.00

  • Manoma Wijayakumar$25.00

  • Sudesh Sandrasagra$25.00

  • Roy Chin-Fee$25.00

  • Rachini Rajapaksa$25.00

  • Rebecca Paramagurunathan$25.00

  • Shaun Chong$20.00

  • Zvi Vaxman$20.00

  • Piyusha Weerasinghe$20.00

  • Nandanie Maraj$20.00

  • Annie Feng$20.00

  • Laukika De silva$20.00

  • Elena Cealaia$20.00

  • Venetia Wijayakumar$20.00

Words of support

Keep up the good work Aundre! Cecilia Jeganathan
Good luck Aundre! Love, Kristine Kristine Jeganathan
Well Done Aundre! We salute and admire your great thought. "Little drops indeed make the ocean". Best Wishes always! Balabaskara Gajendra
Great effort and commitment for a worthy cause! Kanna Sriskanthan
keep up the good work Aundre and good luck in achieving your goal Sudesh Sandrasagra
Keep up the good work Aundre! anu kandasamy
Great job Aundre! You are definitely making a difference and transforming the lives of those affected by autism. We are so proud of you! Melissa Sandrasagra
Your thoughts and deeds are noble. Keep them all along your life Aundre. All the best Aunty Rachini Rachini Rajapaksa
Great work Andre. Best wishes . Uncle bala Ken Balakumaran
Excellent! Continue doing what you do Aundre Marie Emmanuel
Aundre we are very proud of you:) Keep up the good work Mary Jeganathan
Thank you for volunteering for such a great cause Aundre Shaun Chong
Great seeing kids your age giving so much back to the community. thank you for being such a great role model Zvi Vaxman
Keep up the good work, Aundre! Jude Fernando
Wijayakumar Family Manoma Wijayakumar
Grate to see your strong and persistent commitment for good cause Aundre. Keep continue to do what you enjoy. Hubert Miranda Hubert Miranda
This is a really important thing that you do - thank you for making time to do it. Norma Ibbetson
Great job, Andre! Elena Cealaia
Keep up the good work! Ambuja Rajaratnam
Hello Aundre, Good luck with the Walk-A-Thon. You are doing a great job improving the lives of others. We are so proud of you. Love, Aunty Mano Mary Celsus
Good Luck! Piyusha Weerasinghe
Way to go Aundre!!! Charmaine Thayaparan
Andre Good job this is a great cause. Good luck with raising the funds and have lots of fun on the walk. Natalia Kassim-Fontenelle
You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work!!! Elizabeth Downing